Lästa böcker 2015

Stone cold touch - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Debt inheritance - Pepper Winters
First debt - Pepper Winters
Archer's voice - Mia Sheridan
Raze - Tillie Cole
Raw - Belle Aurora
Kaleb - Nicole Edwards
Zane - Nicole Edwards
Travis - Nicole Edwards
This one - Kiera Kass
Seducing destiny - Amelia Hutchin

Sämst: Debt inheritance
Favoriter: Raw, Stone cold touch, Archer's voice, This one
Bäst: Seducing destiny

Never fade - Alexandra Bracken
You were mine - Abbi Glines
Eternal - C.C. Hunter
Second debt - Pepper Winters
Captivated by you - Sylvia Day

Sämst: -
Favoriter: You were mine, never fade, second debt
Bäst: Eternal

The return - Jennifer L- Armentrout
The deal - Eller Kennedy
Beautiful redemption - Jamie McGuire
Sweet filthy boy - Christina Lauren
The face prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen
The runaway king - Jennifer A. Nielsen
The shadow throne - Jennifer A. Nielsen

Sämst: -
Favoriter: The return & resten av böckerna
Bäst: Jennifer A. Nielsens böcker

Shadow and bone - Leigh Bardugo
Seige and storm - Leigh Bardugo
Ruin and rising - Leigh Bardugo
Make me sir - Cherise Sinclair
To command and collar - Cherise Sinclair
Red Rising - Pierce Brown

Sämst: -
Favoriter: Leigh Bardugas böcker
Bäst: Red rising

Beautiful secret - Christina Lauren
Dirty rowdy thing - Christina Lauren
On dublin street - Samantha Young
The mistake - Elle Kennedy
Insatiable - J.D. Hawkins
Insatiable, part 2 - J.D. Hawkins
Consequences - Aleatha Roming
Truth - Aleatha Roming

Sämst: Consequences, Insatiable 1&2
Favoriter: Aleatha Romings böcker
Bäst: -

Convicted - Aleatha Roming
Third debt - Pepper Winters
Taming the storm - Samantha Towel
Hero - Samantha Towel
Bright side - Kin Holden
The ruby circle - Richelle Mead

Sämst: -
Favoriter: Third debt, taming the storm
Bäst: The ruby circle

Grey - E.L. James
When i'm gone - Abbi Glines
Blue Lily, Lily blue - Maggie Stiefvater
The saint - Tiffany Reiz
The hotel - Lola Darling
Pure lust, vol 1 - M.S. Parker
Pure lust, vol 2 -  M.S. Parker
Pure lust, vol 3 -  M.S. Parker
The hotel 2 - Lola Darling
Pure lust, vol 4 - M.S. Parker
Sweet home - Tillie Cole
The hotel 3 - Lola Darling

Sämst: Pure lust vol 2 & 3
Favoriter: Grey, When i'm gone, Blu Lily, Lily blue
Bäst: The saint

The forever song - Julie Kagawa
Sweet rome - Tillie Cole
Odinsbarn - Siri Pettersen
Every last breath - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Fourth debt - Pepper Winters
Cocky bastard - Penelope Ward
Find me - Laurelin Paige
King - T.M. Frazier
Tyrant - T.M. Frazier
This is who i am - Cherise Sinclair

Sämst: -
Favoriter: The forever song, Every last breath, King, Tyrant
Bäst: Odinsbarn

End of days - Susan Ee
If only - Cherise Sinclair
Rowan - Josephine Angelini
Trial by fire - Josephine Angelini
Firewalker - Josephine Angelini
Golden son - Pierce Brown
Sugar baby beautiful - J.J. McAvoy
Dark wild night - Christina Lauren
Blindfold vol 1 - M.S. Parker
Blindvloog vol 2 - M.S. Parker
Red queen - Victoria Aveyard

Sämst: Sugar baby beautiful, dark wild nights
Favoriter: Red queen, End of days, Trial by fire serien
Bäst: Golden son

Show me, baby - Cherise Sinclair
Six of crow - Leigh Bardugo
Servicing the target - Cherise Sinclair
Hidden huntress - Danielle L. Jensen
Spelbinder - C.C. Hunter

Sämst: -
Favoriter: Six of Crow
Bäst: Six of Crow

Råta - Siri Pettersen
Blindfold vol.3: Alpha billionare romance - M.S. Parker
Blindfold vol.4: Alpha billionare romance - M.S. Parker
Blindfold vol.5: Alpha billionare romance - M.S. Parker
The King - Tiffany Reisz
A demon's dark embrace - Amelia Hutchins
The virgin - Tiffany Reisz
The slow regard of silent things - Patrick Rothfuss
Queen of shadows - Sarah J. Maas

Sämst: -
Favoriter: Råta, Queen of shadows, The virgin, The king, A demons's dark embrace
Bäst: Råta & Queen of shadows

The shadow - J.R. Ward
Lawless - T.M. Frazier
Final Debt - Pepper Winters
Blod Kiss - J.R. Ward
Gathering Darkness - Morgan Rhodes
When you're back - Abbi Glines

Sämst: Final Debt
Favoriter: The shadow, Blod Kiss, Gathering darkness, Lawless
Bäst: Gathering darkness

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